quinta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2009



In dead place we kissing,

Playing with you and you missing

I'll kill you with my words

Baby, if you live me gonna be a worst

Don't, don't forget me today

its a big fake, i like you may

Don't, don't call me tonight

the sun is here, come you too, by my side

I know, i really lie, but I want you sometimes

You know, you lie too, its a lier or lier-fool?

In dead place we have sex,

Smoking mary and cigarrets

I'll kill you with my words

Bang damm! make some noice

Um comentário:

Gui Neves disse...

Oi Bia, recebi teu email. Respondo ele mais tarde, estou no trampo agora. Se passar dois e eu nao responder por favor me avise porque minha memória é pessima. Beijao.