quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Seven eight night

the stars are following
I made of them spions and protectors
faking to want your heart
lying on the color of my hair

my nails desires your skin
without to be vulgar understand
you me I cannot so be so saint
some sips of leave me thus to wine drink

I cannot continue in this stroke without you
goes to be hard to kill everybody
so we go to runaway for my room

I cannot continue thinking that you live alone
goes to be hard to lie for everybody
baby I promiss, that week i'll gone

but the stars still following in the streets
no matter how hard erase you of my memory
they do not go to erase themselves for us meets

tell me what you do with me?
i'm so strong and ever looking for
and now i'm crying on the kitchen floor
blow with white, black and fight
put your hand on my head
break my steps if you said
the shine goes down
and i'll be lost in the night town

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