segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2009


The worst of the possibilities you I devoured
at best, the coffee is ready
are just a few minutes to boil
just some thoughts and is hot inside

making some plans, basic, leakage
creating words, feeling surprised
having more power for me alive

some point it explodes my mind
in my hands, cold blood outside
burnt red, heart stained I find
bitter kiss, repeating the fix wine

come to my place, shut my mouth
win the first place or a statue at all
and give up on the altar of laughs

this is your day, this is your chance
everything that one day you belonged
sorry if you do not know, you dominate

this is his alibi, his measure of strength
kill me please, if you want to win the game
because I'm on top now, you really dominate

I'll find my magic city, maybe in your skin
I'll kiss you body with hate for him
I'll pay your account with hour late
I'll screaming for you, baby you dominate

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