quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008


Frank Machine

In your motocicle the time pass so suffer
Making me high with breeze and a little rain
Diamonds falling in my face and don't feel pain
It's my heart burning to fade

Hug your buttons with hungry
Eat my ideas and scream my desires
Dance in the music and dance outside
velocity is my name, fight in the fire

Boring in my place, fall in your arms
In the wild guys with no one company
I still OK and don't wanna come back
I want u more than any tecnology

My hair touch the sky And I get more bewildered
you strip me of serious and returns in seconds
It emphasizes with its sound, It's rainbow is turning red

denies now if necessary and accelerate the march pass
feel me more than u can, hear the wind in your mind-stress

relieve your hangover, smoke a joint, make some wank
So go on my machine, see the sea, until tomorrow my Dear Frank
the road is long, the love is gone but I think you are still here

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