quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008


Como fiz o blog hoje vo postar todas as musicas que já tenho prontas!

Kiss the police

you can't stop me but don't can touch me
Becaus i'm underground and you falling down
Look me with yours hate-eyes, freeze me slow
can put your papper on your soul

i'm not drunk now for your lucky
for my suck, falling up!
just move along like a stunk
very very jump, move along like a sunk

discussing with authorities
breaking barriers
a cold punch Flemish
a laughing off, I wish

Part of me is gone already
laughing and shaking, pure adrenaline
retrieve my line and breathe
said I am not wrong and he sighed

exceed its imaginary line
O beloved Paris where you, this mine
feel the cold floor, I'm barefoot
but inside I am on fire, waiting for my BlueBoots


Ela saiu em um dia muito tenebroso e engraçado ao mesmo tempo. Adoro essa mistura, me completa.

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